Love me a good snow!

2 Feb

Ok, I’m crazy and stupid, but I’m honest. I love a good, whompin’, ass-kicking snowstorm like the one we just got. And this one was “historic” – officially 20″ at the weather reporting site at O’Hare Airport, making this storm the 5th largest in Chicago recorded history. “Locally” as in my yard, it’s hard to tell exactly how much we got other than to say “an assload”.  In sheltered spots, there’s about 2 feet of snow, but in places where the wind was depositing it, there are drifts up to five feet tall.

We started yesterday in Wisconsin, 100 miles from home – we knew this was coming but we made a calculated risk assessment of being able to get home. Truth be told it was both about as bad as I’d ever want to be out in, and well, not terrible at the same time. We were only 100 miles from home, we got an early – 7:30 AM – start, we had a driving partner (another car from our group) and we motored along fairly slow and steady. The storm was worse in Illinois, as were the roads – the Tri-State Tollway – I-94 – was covered with loose snow. But we made it home – and got busy with the snow.

Big snows like this are both to be savored and conquered. I have a great big snowblower and I enjoy using it to remove big snows. I actually get disappointed when it doesn’t snow up to a storm’s potential.  This one was worse than “potential”. Big snows like this are also to be enjoyed. I am decidedly wishing I were a kid, not an adult who has to board a plane for NYC in 4 hours, because today is spectacular – it’s bright and clear, very light wind, temps in the 20s – perfect day to go play in the snow. Sledding, making snow forts, tromping and rolling in it, going skiing … all would be on the activity board.

I also love how snow completely transforms a landscape. A number of years ago, after a bit snow, I just headed out with my camera to a local forest preserve to trudge through the foot-deep snow and just shoot pics – one of the most wonderful days I have ever spent.

If you’re lucky enough to be home with a snowday today – get the hell outside! Enjoy this. It is a rare treat.

But I’m crazy.

As you were,



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