ChristmaChannukah – ’tis the season for confusion. Or not.

15 Dec

As many who know me know, I am Jewish but came to being Jewish not by birth but by choice. I married the girl of my dreams, she was Jewish, we started raising our kids Jewish, after a few years my friends said I was more Jewish than them, etc. Sometime, I’ll tell you the whole story.

Anyway, as Robin and I were creating our blended life, we attended a discussion group at a local Reformed synagogue entitled “Let’s Talk – a discussion group for interfaith couples”.  Let’s Talk was designed to create a safe forum to open up normally sensitive topics in a group environment and to you help you sort out your own directions. While it was presented from a Jewish point of view, it didn’t advocate any dogma or direction – but was merely offered as a way to ensure that couples, in whatever form they became, were successful together as a couple.

Robin and I really enjoyed going to them, although it became readily apparent after a few visits that we had done a ton more talking than other couples that were miles down the road already. We laughed that we were the “most well-adjusted ones in the group.”

Onward to the topic – one of the topics they presented was “Christmas Vs. Hannukah – the December Dilemma” – and it was a discussion of all things related to that – “To tree or not to tree”, how Jews struggle with the crushing onslaught of the most visible and pervasive holiday on the Christian calendar, how to manage families, etc. I hadn’t thought much about it though for more than 15 years now – I’m Jewish and we celebrate Hannukah in our home, although we my family celebrate Christmas in Iowa.

However (and I’m sorry I missed this in person), I just had the pleasure of posting to the blog for our Jewish congregation B’Chavana (we don’t call ourselves a synagogue) an interesting missive on how ALIKE Christmas and Hannukah are. It was written by Karen Jacobs, whom I find to be a very fascinating person. Since I administer the B’Chavana website, I thought it would be great to share with all of you, my friends and followers.

Please click on over to B’Chavana’s website and read Karen’s words.  There is a short “preamble” that I added – this is part of a new feature we’re introducing so I needed to explain that to our members – feel free to skip down the page to Karen’s story. I hope you enjoy it.

As you were,



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