Spring Fever

30 Jan

Even though we have had a non-existent winter this year, I have spring fever. Even with Chicago being on the “warm line” of every snowstorm so far (including today’s) and a grand total of 3″ or less of snowfall – meaning my giant Snowbliterator snowblower hasn’t gotten out of the garage yet this year – and, after a week that saw 70 degree temperatures on Monday – just this week I suddenly am Jonesing for spring to get here already.

Maybe it’s because we’re starting to already talk about what to do this summer for vacation. Or because our group for Opening Day for the Cubs has solidified already. Or because I went road bicycle shopping on Saturday. All I know is, I’m sick of winter and ready for spring. I’m ready for …

… coming home from work, and heading to the deck with a cocktail, to kick back and relax in the golden sunshine of early evening with Robin and the boys and or friends.

… that wonderful first truly warm Saturday or Sunday of spring when EVERYONE is OUT OUT OUT! Running in the parks, walking the dogs, gardening, shopping, driving the convertible, motorcycling, bicycling, rollerblading, even a few picnickers – people are OUT!

… exercising outdoors – with my new found devotion to fitness, I can’t wait for running/biking/walking outdoors season to kick in. It’s going to be a very active summer!

… bike rides on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

… cocktails on my friend GASHM’s screened-in porch.

… firepit evenings at various friends’ houses.

… washing and waxing the cars in the driveway.

… going on a walk or bike ride and stopping in a local park for a few minutes to watch a little baseball game going on.

… Sunday afternoon ice cream runs to DQ or elsewhere.

… Outdoor live music.

… Sidewalk cafes.

…. My annual switchover at Starbucks from a hot Americano to an iced Americano. Still a grande, still two pumps of sugar free vanilla, but that’s a sure sign of spring.

… afternoon beers in the sunshine somewhere.  Perhaps after having ridden there on a bicycle.

… lunch eaten at Daley plaza or one of downtown Chicago’s many other urban park spaces.

… That first wonderful sail on my friend Professor Troutstream’s sailboat, the good ship Contango.

… Seeing the crocuses, then the daffodils push up out of the soil and turn their heads to the sunshine to bloom.

… Solidifying summer travel plans – and putting the date on the calendar – making it real, versus something you’re just thinking about.

… switching the summer wheels and tires back onto our VW GTI and returning it to the “go cart” handling machine versus the “athlete in heavy snowboots” that it is with the winter gear on it.

… coffee on the deck on Sunday morning.

And the biggest one …

… stepping out of the office and into the afternoon sunshine at the end of the day, breathing in the fresh air and knowing there’s still a bunch of good evening left to go and thinking about how you’re going to enjoy it.

So, here on January 30, three days before Ground Hog Day, this boy is rooting for clouds over Punxatawney, PA on Saturday.

As you were,



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