Visualizing the Issue

1 Nov

In one of my posts over the summer where I talked about how I’m “remodeling the house” for my next 50 years on this planet, (which, in itself is a visualization couched in a metaphor), I talked about how one of the ways I motivate myself to lose weight is to visualize the weight I’m carrying around my middle like an object – and the goal is to gradually reduce the size of that object over time. I talked about how last summer, at 245 lbs, I was carrying around the equivalent of mid-sized Golden Retriever around my middle every day. My goal weight currently is 185 – so that would be quite a drop!

Imagining how hard it is to hold such a heavy object – much less carry it throughout the day, up and down stairs, in the shower, to bed, etc, and well – the idea of making that object much smaller is quite motivating.

Stepping on the scale this AM, I’m down to 233 lbs. That includes weightloss over the summer, plus about 6 lbs since my surgery 3 weeks ago today. That’s a 12 lb. drop – the equivalent of losing my mom’s toy poodle around my middle – I’ve LOST A TOY POODLE! LOL – that was for comedic effect. But still – I have lost this:

And, a correction – my mom tells me her dog only weighs 6.5 lbs, so I’ve actually lost THIS:

So, onwards. My big “next goal” focus is to drop another 13 lbs (or another poodle) and hit 220 lbs. At that point, I will have dropped 25 lbs or the equivalent of one of those double-packs of Kingsford Charcoal that you buy at Sam’s club (those are actually 26 lbs – two 13 lb bags).

Once I hit 220, the next goal becomes 210 lbs., and that’s when the heavy shit starts getting lost. When I hit that, I will have lost the equivalent of a 20 lb. tank of barbecue gas (20 lbs of gas + 16 lbs dry weight of the tank) – and those sumbitches are really, REALLY heavy when you have to take them out of the car and haul them to the backyard – something I know all too well with my penchant for barbecuing constantly, and my preponderance of propane-powered backyard toys.

And of course, my goal weight, which I hope to hit by about August of next year, is 185 lbs – at that point, from my starting point of 245, I will have lost that mid-sized Golden Retriever.

I use this visualization technique constantly – I have a visual memory and a very visual imagination. When I lose my keys or something, I start mining the mental photo album to see where I last left them. I have very, very visual memories, including colors, and incredible details of what things looked like from my past, and scenes and such. So it only makes sense for me to use visualization as a way to motivate myself, solve problems, etc.

One of the best books for business that I’ve ever read is called “The Back of The Napkin” by Dan Roan – it’s an outstanding book that talks all about visualization in terms of problem solving, in terms of presenting complex ideas and thinking, and more. I highly recommend it for anyone in business who has to explain complex thoughts.

Other things I visualize – if I’m having trouble falling asleep, I try to visualize being in water, and with each breath, I submerge a little deeper – yes, I know that sounds like I’m fantasizing about drowning, but that’s not the idea – it’s the idea that you’re sinking slowly lower, deeper, darker. It works great for me.

Lately, I’ve been doing a LOT of visualizing about what’s going on inside my heart. I visualize those coronary arteries, and when I walk past a potato chip bowl, or see French fries on a menu, or get the urge to have a big greasy burger or some bacon, well, I imagine all that fat sticking to my artery walls, and well … clogging up, and killing me. I know that’s REALLY dark, but I can tell you I have had exactly three French fries in 3 ½ weeks, and those didn’t really taste good, and about 1 slice of bacon and … that tasted marvelous. But, it’s what I need to do.

Today I’m visualizing how great I feel after knocking down day 1 of my “Couch to 5K” effort. With each step on the running track, I was visualizing those being outside this spring in my first-ever 5K race. When my “C25K” iPhone app announced “Congratulations, you’ve done it!”, I visualized crossing that finish line, feeling great – winded, thirsty, hungry and triumphant.

I’m going to win this battle against this thing called heart disease. That’s the final visual.

What could you visualize today that will help you? Give it a try!

As you were,



One Response to “Visualizing the Issue”

  1. Sharil VanNote November 4, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

    Clever, very clever!

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