Cubs vs. Sox – The Crosstown Classic

20 Jun



Just a short post today … not my usual story-telling novels.  Robin and I are lucky enough this evening to be the guests of our friends this evening at a Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs “crosstown classic” game at US Cellular Field (the Sox home park).  Being the sort of Chicago sports fan that I am, which is to say “somewhat aloof and above all the rah rah” – that’s borne of not being born here, thought it would be fun to share a few thoughts about this.

My sports fandom is generally one of “I enjoy sporting events but I generally don’t follow sports or teams.”  I’ve never been that guy that reads the sports section every day, never been that guy that is in Rotisserie League baseball or Fantasy Football, never been that person who can spout what happened to the Cubs/Sox/Bulls/Bears/Blackhawks/etc. in the last game.  I don’t tuck in and watch a game (or a whole Sunday of games).  Just not me.  I LOVE going to games – if offered a ticket, hell yes, I will go – I love the scene, the spectacle,and well, the games are more fun to watch live. I do watch some sports on TV (yes, auto racing being the primary one), but it’s most likely as their social gathering going on around it.

So therefore, I’m not afflicted by the whole Cubs vs. Sox rivalry here.  I was going to wear an orange shirt today, just to protest, but wound up in a blue shirt just because it looked better for being in the office.  

ImageBut I find it funny that you can find Sox fans that are more excited to see the Cubs lose than to see their own team win.  And as far as the Cubs attention about the White Sox – mostly it’s “oh, huh.  They won? Whatever.”  Why CAN’T these fans be fans of the City’s teams?  Why can’t one congratulate the other when they win?  

ImageWhen the White Sox went to the World Series a few years ago (and totally ran the table, by the way), why couldn’t Cubs fans put on Sox jerseys and have some fun.  And when the few that did do that, actually do it, why did the Sox fans get upset about it? 

ImageNow then, I do have to admit to a bit of Fandom – the Iowa Hawkeyes.  MY Iowa Hawkeyes.  I have been a Hawkeye since I was a kid.  My Dad was a Hawkeye.  My sister is one.  Hell, I was even Herky The Hawk for a short period!  But I’m not one of those Iowa fans that disses the Iowa State Cyclones or cheers when they lose.  Not my style.  Just as long as the Hawkeyes trounce them every year.

I don’t purport to have any answers.  All I know is tonight is the longest day of the year.  I’m going to go spend the evening in a beautiful ballpark, on a beautiful evening, with good friends, cold beer, a tasty hot dog, awesome seats and my lovely wife.  

And that my friends, is a great night.  I hope Chicago wins the game tonight!  Go Bears!  (wait, what???)

As you were,



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