My writing process and why you are my editors

7 Feb

Ok, this is only for the few of you that are my subscribers.  I’m not going to repost this on FB and whatnot.  As subscribers, you see a different version of my blog – you get my blog via email, and inevitably, I’ve managed to screw up a grammar bit or some other fact that I wind up correcting after publishing.  Here’s why this is this way, and why I really like having subscribers:

Basically, my process for this blog is pretty simple.  I get on the train at 7:18 AM, open the computer, check email, and if nothing is going on, I don’t have a deck/presentation to write/meeting to prep for/etc., I’ll then do one of three things – fiddle about on Facebook (75% of the time), go wandering the news in search of items to wig out my conservative friends (which then all points back to Facebook), or, now that I’m back into this, write a blog post.

Once that choice is made, I open up my blog in my browser, click on “new post” and start writing.  To paraphrase a famous writer, “writing is just my thoughts coming out of my finger tips (he said pen).”  Pretty basic.  I normally flood the words out, not stopping to edit much, and then go back and re-read it.  If it is clear enough (as in, I made the point I was trying to make), I hit the big blue “PUBLISH” button, and this goes up.  That causes WordPress to email it to you, my dear subscribers.

At that point, I am usually “on final” for Union Station in Chicago – the computer gets shut down and dropped into my bag, I zip up my coat, and join the other lemmings filing out of the shiny metal boxes to head to the office once the train arrives. Once I arrive at the office, the computer gets dropped into the dock, and if I don’t have a meeting right off, then I first get coffee, then I go back, re-read what I wrote again, and of course, discover typos, inaccuracies, etc.  Things like using “I are” instead of “I am” (yesterday’s post), referring to Moses instead of Noah, referring to Neal Peart using a pick when he uses sticks, etc. etc. all get corrected at that point.  Sometimes, if I didn’t already do it, I’ll add a picture or two to the post then.  This is all done in 15 mins or so while I sip a bit of coffee and get ready for the day to ramp up – generally between 8:20 AM and 8:45 AM Central time.

Of course at that point, my mother has already sent me an email/facebook/comment correcting my grammar, and most of you other Eagle Eyes have noticed my other bugs and have sent me notices as well.

So, the good news is, as subscribers, you get to read my post in its “hot off the grill” state.  That said, as most good chefs know, the best way to enjoy the steak is not to cut into it while it’s directly off the grill sitting on the cutting board, but instead to let it rest, and enjoy it served in a proper place.  In other words, if you want to see the real intent of what I was writing, wait 30 mins and then check my site versus reading the email.  Or, read the email to get the point, but then reread on the site.

I’m not saying all this to chide you on your corrections at all … correct away!  That way I have a team of editors making the site version as clean as possible (which typically gets a few hundred reads by the time I tweet it, Facebook it, and it gets picked up by the search engines) but, more than a few people have asked me why the version that gets pushed out via email is often full of errors but the version on the site is not.  This is why.  Please, stay as subscribers and consider yourself one of my editors!

As you were,



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