Stew Campbell, cub reporter!

7 Nov

Ah, a moment of journalistic glory today for me, harkening back to days of my youth when worked for KCOB radio in Newton, IA and when I was a Journalism major at Iowa and working as a stringer for the Daily Iowan (a “stringer” is someone who files stories but is not actually on staff for a media channel like a newspaper or radio station).

Today as I arrived at the train station to take my normal 7:18 train into Buffalo Grove, there was a huge plume of black smoke rising from the general vicinity of the station.  As I got closer, I could see fire trucks in the parking lot – a car must be on fire.  Getting closer still and parking my car, you could see flame rising above the car that was on fire as the firefighters prepared to put it out.  Fortunately, the firefighters got it out, no one was hurt, and the only damage was to cars.

Being the journalist at heart that I am, I had the presence of mind to snap a picture with my iPhone, and when I got to the office today, I sent it along to Cristel Mohrman, the editor of the Buffalo Grove edition of – a local online “newspaper” site.  She then “interviewed” me by mail and had me write an account of the situation as I saw it.  The magic of the internet being instantaneous, it was  published a few minutes later on BG Patch.

You can read the story at the link below – and while being an eyewitness to some “news” wasn’t a big deal, it was fun to feed my journalistic fires for a few moments as I witness a real fire. Be sure to click the photo – they even gave me a photo credit!  Now back to life as an ad man … or Mad Man.  Take your pick.

Five cars damaged in parking lot fire at Buffalo Grove Metra Station

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  1. carpetbagger November 10, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    O, the humanity!

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